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About Our Hair Braiding Salon

Customer service at Muki's African Braiding is our number 1 priority. Customer satisfaction is our main goal. How to achieve our twin objectives is not a problem because we certainly love to handle our clients’ hair with care. We pride ourselves in giving our customers beautiful hairstyles.

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Our Master Braiding Team

Our hair-braiding salon has artistic and experience master braiders. Every braider has their own specialty and they deliver a masterpiece on your hair. If a hair braider is not skilled in a particular style he/she does not touch a clients hair. Our team is made up of braiders with special skills. Come to our salon and show us your hairstyle and we'll handle you professionally. Sometimes we'll advise a client against certain styles due to their hair texture, face structure, and complexion (optional). Our braiding salon is not a place for new braiders to practice their skills on a client's hair. We have a reputation to uphold and that is simply to provide and deliver professional jobs. Muki's African Braiding is the place to have this experience.

Customized Styles

Due to the different culture beliefs and way of dressing, we do have customized braiding too if it is plausible for the clients and the braider.

Owner's Biography

Muki started braiding hair at an early stage in her life because it was her passion. At age 18 she decided to go help her aunt who had a braiding school back in Ghana where she's originally from. She develop her talent of hair braiding along side her academic goals helping her aunt during college vacations and finally graduating with a teacher's degree before returning to the United States. Her hair braiding passion overshadowed her teaching profession, so eventually, she decided to go into the hair braiding business full time. This was the Beginning of Muki's African Braiding. She is has a bachelors degree in business finance to help manage her business as an entrepreneur in the braiding industry.

Muki currently have more than 24 years of hair braiding experience under her belt and never stops learning and improving in the field. She visits Ghana once in a while to learn new trends and styles and tries to blend it into the America culture. She knows how to do braids very well, and she does it with a passion. Contact us to find out more.